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Welcome to the official website of the students representatives at the Centre for Translation Studies!

In order to enrol at the University of Vienna a high proficiency of German is required, and an even higher level to study either of the programmes offered at the Centre for Translation Studies (Zentrum für Translationswissenschaft). Therefore the rest of this website is only provided in German. The following text is merely an introduction to the programmes and a summary of the information found on the website.


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    The Centre for Translation Studies and its programs

    The Centre for Translation Studies (ZTW) is a part of the University of Vienna and is located separately from the main building at Gymnasiumstraße 50.

    Currently, the following programmes can be studied: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Transcultural Communication, consisting of 180 ECTS; Master of Arts (MA) Translation consisting 120 ECTS. You must choose (at least) three languages as your "working languages" for the BA and at least two languages for the MA. They are commonly called A,- B,- and C-language with language A being your mother/father/native/first language or language of formal education, B your second and C your third language. You can select whichever combination suits you and your skills best, as long as either your language A or B is German. A combination without German is not possible.

    Currently, the following languages are offered: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Chinese (currently not available for the specialization Interpreting), Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese (currently not available for the specialization Interpreting), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

    It is essential for you to choose languages you already know well, because the requirements are demanding: you are expected to have languages skills at a C1-level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in German and English and B2 in every other language offered to start with the BA programme.  Consequently you should have an even higher level for the MA programme. Without the aforementioned language skills you are very likely to have problems following the courses and – as a result – would have to re-take them.


    Since we, the Student Council, are not personally involved in the application process, this section only offers basic information. For more detailed information on the admission process, please consult the English website of Studentpoint; which offers information to applicants interested in studying at the University of Vienna. In case you cannot find all the information you need straight away, you can contact the staff to inquire about your personal situation and application.

    In order to pursue any type of study at the University of Vienna, you need to be proficient in German at (minimum) B2 level, which must be demonstrated with an accredited certificate.

    The application to the Bachelor's degree programme is fairly simple: during the admission period, you first need to complete the pre-registration online, then contact the Referat Studienzulassung, the Office of Admission (You will find the list of necessary documents on the website of Studentpoint). They will get back to you after 4 – 6 weeks and you can, hopefully, begin your studies.

    In order to apply for a Master's degree at the Centre for Translation Studies you require a Bachelor's degree (or similar final degree) in a respective field that includes studies in your B- and/or C-language. The rest of the application is identical to the Bachelor's, except for the fact that the head of study can decide on additional requirement for the MA. These courses are usually part of the Bachelor and need to be completed before you finish the programme.

    Distance Learning

    The Centre does not offer distance learning courses. Alle programmes offered at the Centre for Translation Studies have a high percentage of classes with mandatory attendance that take place on a weekly basis.

    Further Information

    Studentpoint offers a lot of useful information on its website and, if necessary, can also be contacted in English. You can get in touch with the team via e-mail or, during their office hours, by telephone and in person.

    The Austrian Students Union (ÖH) supports students interested in, or already studying in Austria. You can speak to its different offices, depending on the information you need. They have an office for foreign students at the ÖH Bundesvertretung, and an office for foreign students and antiracism at the ÖH Uni Wien that can help you with questions regarding visas, admission, learning German, tuition fees and so on. They can also assist you with brochures and information sheets on various subjects (f.e. working, insurance...) consisting of an overview and usually lists of references and contacts. On their websites you can find the opening hours and the languages in which they offer consultations.

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